Say Hello to the Contractor Sales Academy

Pablo Picasso was sitting in a French cafe when a woman approached and asked him to sketch her something on a napkin.

Upon finishing, he signed it, handed her the drawing and said, “that will be $10,000.”

The woman was shocked and said, “how could it cost that much money when it only took you 5 minutes to create it?”

“No,” Picasso replied. “That piece took me 40 years.”

This story of Picasso resonates what the Contractor Sales Academy is about.  It’s what the customer doesn’t see you do behind the scenes is what brings the value to your product or service.

Today, we are going to dig deeper into who the CSA is, the reasons to join and hear a few testimonials from members.

Contractor Sales Academy: Quick Primer

As entrepreneurs, we recognize 2 things that are ever so important in our businesses:

  • The ability to embrace change
  • The power of relationships

That is exactly why the CSA was created.  To establish a network of service professionals that wanted to disrupt the traditional sales cycle.

Today, the CSA is comprised of 60 to 75 companies that are members on an annual basis.  The service industries include landscapers, painters, water feature experts, flooring, carpeting, and general remodeling.

Why Join The CSA?

As part of membership, business owners and 3 of their employees are allowed to join the CSA.  This opens up a world of opportunities to network as membership also includes access to a private Facebook group to share growing pains together, access to weekly live webinars and recordings during the past year.

Why is this important?  If you keep employing the same sales strategies, you are going to continue obtaining the similar results.  Learning happens through the process of sharing stories and ideas.  This training leads to more confident employees who are masterful at the art of selling.

What Do CSA Members say?

“Since joining the CSA my sales closure rate went from 22% to 100%!”

“The CSA is teaching me how to think more ON my business causing the work IN my business to be more fulfilling. The business and sales knowledge I’ve gained from the CSA has changed my YTD gross profit went from 33.9% in 2015 to 57.4& 2016YTD.”

“The CSA has forced me to look at my business like a machine. I work on the most important parts that need the most attention first and then move on. The concepts we talk about are simple but all require action to succeed. The people in the group are like a family, all part of a team working towards a common goal and I feel like there is always someone I can call on when I need advice or a friend to bounce ideas off of. We are currently building a solid foundation on which to grow, and the group is the driving force behind our momentum! Thanks Steve & Tom for facilitating such an awesome platform for contractors who want to grow both in business and in life!”

So, What Are You Waiting for?

Give us a shout by filling out the contact us form today to let the power of the Contractor Sales Academy take your business to the next level.