The Art of The Shinfu Roleplay

With Tom out of the studio today, Steve and Derek take the opportunity to talk about role-playing.

It cannot be overstated how important it is to practice what you want to be good at.

Practicing your techniques religiously will make you way more proficient than those who conduct the trial by fire technique.

We have Travis in the studio to explain how the art of the Shinfu roleplay came to be and how to use it for the forces of good…sales.

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Contractor Sales Academy

CSA YouTube

The Bridge

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Podcast Timestamps

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 1:13 – Practice Makes Everyone Better
  • 2:45 – Other Contractors (Like Our Guest Speaker) Are Roleplaying Sales
  • 4:28 – The Purpose Of Roleplaying Sales
  • 5:42 – How Travis Named The Shin-Fu Process
  • 8:23 – It Takes Hard Work To Get Good At Sales: 1 Month, 100 Sales Roleplays
  • 11:32 – Sales Roleplaying Pays Off
  • 14:07 – Most Of You Won’t Believe Us
  • 15:25 – What You Get In The Bridge
  • 17:14 – Why People Don’t Roleplay Sales
  • 19:10 – What Got Steve To Start The Shing Fu
  • 19:52 – The Bottom Line
  • 21:51 – How Can We Get People To Roleplay Sales?
  • 23:35 – If You Had Started Sales Roleplaying 4 Years Ago