Why Should You Even Consider Changing Your Sales Method? 

When you signed up to be a contractor, more likely than not you did it because of the craft you enjoy doing.  You knew you enjoyed painting, landscaping, plumbing, etc and wanted to have your own business based off of it. Now here's where real life kicks in: being successful in your contracting business has significantly less to do with how well you can perform your craft and more so how well you are at being a business owner.  This is a hard pill to swallow.
Never in your life did you think  that owning a company that  focuses on a  specific craft would  have so much that is  pertinent  to running a business and not  that craft!  As a small business  owner,  you're more than likely:
       - Head of Construction
       - President of HR
       - VP Sales
       - Lead Marketer
       - and the list goes on...

Each one of these jobs is a full time postion!  

Here's an idea that's easier said than done: learn how to not waste your time with customers that were never going to spend a dime with you anyway! 

Pull out your calculator right now. We're going to do a bit of "contractor math" to determine how much time you waste on clients that:
Have no intention on using you
Have a price point way different than yours.
Are lonely and just want someone to talk to

Here’s the equation:

 1. Take the number of consultations you go on on your average week and type that into your calculator. 

2. Multiply that by the average number of hours you spend on a consultation (to include driving to and from the appointment). Write this number down.

3. Take your average close percent and turn that into a decimal (for example if you close 40%, the decimal is 0.40). Subtract that number from 1. 

4Multiply the number in step 2 by the number in step 3.

This number is the amount of hours you’re wasting on a weekly basis by driving out to clients that aren’t going to use you. What do you think you could do with this information?

SHIN FU Sales Training
The whole point of this Shin-Fu process is to help you to determine who is going to be your client over the phone without having to spend all that time running out to bid a job blindly.

Included with the videos will also be a printout that gives you example scripts of what to say to customers at each step of the process!

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