What is a Customer’s Pain Point?

We’re going to dive in to the first step of the Shin-Fu process which is trying to find the pain.  So, what is a pain point?  Rather than defining what it is, we wanted to share a few examples below of real customers:

“I’m having family come over for Thanksgiving and I need my backyard looking impeccable”

“I really need my pond to be cleaned ASAP and it needs to be fixed now”

“I need to get an apartment ready for move in for my tenants within the next week and need it ready”

A customer’s pain point is a source of displeasure, inconvenience, or something that is bothering them and needs to be resolved right away.

Getting to the customer’s point of pain is not easy and there a few questions you need to ask to drill deeper.

Questions to ask to get to the pain:

There a few things to remember when you ask the questions below to the get to the customer’s pain:

  • Ask the question and let the customer talk (a lot!) – be an active listener, you should only talk about 10% of the time.
  • Get the customer emotionally connected to the pain – look for changes in body language, mood, and other factors and lead the customer to the pain.

Tip:  The questions below are just a guide but should be used in a way that is open-ended and gets the customer to talk about the situation and have them answer their own question or lead to a path that the problem needs to be fixed right away.

Build Trust:  Turn the questions into conversations

Don’t just be a Drill Sergeant. Ask the questions one by one.  You want to be methodical in your approach so you can find ways to have a conversation around the question.  For example, your customer may say, “I really need this kitchen repainted because I’m throwing my wife a surprise party.”  You can interject at that point and say “if we were able to paint this and give your wife the kitchen of her dreams, how would that make your wife feel.”

Tip:  The key is to get them emotionally connected to situation and that you are an expert who can get the work done and make the pain disappear quickly.

Do you still have questions?

Becoming an expert on finding the customer’s pain point does not happen overnight.  Contact us today and find out how we can help you take your business to the next level.