Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

 Alison Biezad, Pondscapes Az

“CSA has completely changed the way we run our business. Tom and Steve have taught us how to qualify customers…They have helped us turn our company around and accomplish goals that used to be just dreams.”

Jeff Chudek, Minnesota Water Gardens

“I can say that signing up for the CSA was THE Best thing I did for my business this year. My profits are up 300% compared YTD, while my gross sales are down 25% and gross profit is up 35%…This will help you.”

 – Justin Bethune, Pendley Painting & The Window Source Of Chattanooga

“Didn’t make any sense to stay where we were, we were only competing against ourselves. Would have made an extra $5k in profit last month if I had done this earlier. THIS is why I’m here.”

– Brian Hoagland, Hoaglandscape

“And now I am about to start the year with a $100,000-plus job…It will pay off all my company debt…You have made an incredible difference in my life! CSA!”

 Jason L Peloquin, Affinity Painting & Cabinet Refinishing

“I want to put out there that our first month in the CSA has been phenomenal. We have been in business for two years, and since starting with the CSA we are finally heading in the right direction. Best investment I have made to date as a business owner. Thank you all for being awesome, owning your shit, and continuing the quest for self-improvement.”

– Barbi Holdeman, The Pond Gnome

“Through this training, we have changed our grip on our business finances, our business systems, our employment practices, and how we even view our business. We now have a living, growing, independent entity that will actually give us the retirement opportunity that we want on our terms.”

 – Ronald Reg Bowers, Ponds, Patios and Waterfalls Co.

“I’ve learned to manage my time better, my money better, my resources better, so that I can have a better life experience and not work my butt off for nothing. This has been a great experience.”

Ryan King, Bahler Brothers

“When you’re talking to the client on the phone you know exactly what to go over, you know what points you want to hit on, you know what information you want to get out of them…It’s going to make your process a lot easier in terms of sale and design”

 Mark King, The Pond Doctor

“Since joining the CSA, my company has really taken off. I am finally in control of my business and my life. CSA has basically given me a lot of free time now where I’m not wasting a lot of time chasing leads and trying to figure out the best next step to do.”

George Siriotis, Bahler Brothers

“Until they see it, see that it works, it’s hard for somebody to really kinda put their head around it. Even for a company like Bahler Brothers that has been successful, we implemented the new process and saw results from it. If it works for us it can definitely work for folks just starting out.”

 Dan Sherwood, Sherwood Painting

“Enlightening. It’s given me the confidence to assert my business the way I’ve always wanted to, charge the prices I’m worth and find a community of people that have the same vision I do.”

Jaak Harju, Atlantis Water Gardens

“The power is role-playing, connecting with people in similar situations, and using these methodologies. Get involved and throw yourself into it and you’ll see the results.”

 Alan Decker, Decker’s Pondscapes

“The CSA is not for everyone unless of course, you would like to learn how to regain financial security and have time to enjoy your family again. I wish we had something like this available 20 yrs ago I would be retired by now.”

Casey Fabling, Fabling Built

“I’ve been a member with the Contractor Sales Academy for about 2 months now, and I am already seeing a tremendous difference. Not only in my business, but also in my personal life! I have regained about 15-20 hours a week…I have taken that time back and started to dream and plan for my family and business again!”

 Dan Stanza, Good Earth Water Gardens

“My sales went from a 25% closing ratio to over 90%! The CSA has made a huge impact in getting back valued time and allowing me to have a work, life balance.”

Cory Mann, Poseidon Ponds & Landscaping

“The Contractor Sales Academy has help[ed] me not only with my business but also as an individual as well. You will continue to grow and learn from this program and get back to loving what you do!”

 Neil Carter, Carter Painting

“I can’t tell you how glad I am that I found these guys and joined the CSA…I have closed on more jobs, closed on the right jobs and am now selling at a higher price all because of the powerful tools I have been given by the CSA.”

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