If You Haven’t Read How To Hire Part 1, Stop And Check It Out

You’ve created the perfect job description.  The open position was posted online on Craigslist, NextDoor, Want Ads, and several other online sites.  You are excited.  Several candidates have applied, you conduct interviews and you hire someone.  A few months down the line, it turns out the person you hired is not working out due to not fitting in with the culture or meeting client expectations.

This is the traditional way of recruiting talent to your company and the pitfalls that come along with the process. However, if you follow traditional ways, you will continue to get the same results. So, it’s time for a change.  We’re going to show you 3 ways to use the power of social media to hire talent and showcase your business at the same time.

Remember the acronym PPC (People, Process, Culture).  When you create blogs, videos and other online content around these areas, you will create a presence online that will be a great source of competitive advantage.

1. People

Using social media to create videos and content around your ideal employees at your company can be very powerful at attracting the right talent.  Your customers and employees want to see the “human” side of your employees.

Helpful Tip: Shout Out for Teamwork

If you are trying to show your company culture revolves around camraderie and teamwork, take pictures and videos of your staff at a team outing like a baseball game or at your favorite restaurant.  Use hastags such as #teamwork, #camraderie and other key words that portray your culture and at the same time gives an inside look into your company behind the scenes.

2. Process

Most people outside your company do not know what it takes to get your product or service delivered.  What really goes on inside the company?  Highlighting the process is important because when you are transparent, your customers and future employees will feel part of the process from the start because they know what they are getting into.

Helpful Tip:  Get a GoPro and Record Away

Let’s assume you have a small landscaping business and are looking for new customers during the fall season.  Well, fall is a popular time for getting your gutters cleaned and doing a leaf clean-up.  Record a time-lapse video of how you took a backyard that was covered in leaves to an awesome fall backyard party.  Post that across social media platforms but along the way, highlight what you did so people know what it takes and appreciate the end result.

3. Culture

People are attracted to companies that have an outstanding work culture.  What does this mean?  It can be every Friday, there is free bagels for the team, or every holiday season, the company volunteers time at a local homeless shelter.  Make it unique but have fun.

Helpful Tip: Create the type of culture that your customers will fall in love with and want to do business with you over and over again:

Customers are looking for the ultimate experience.  When you are recording video and taking pictures of your next project, showcase interviews and testimonials of your clients.  Keep an area on your website just for videos and another for blogs.  Continually producing content around a great customer experience will generate leads for your business from both new clients and potential new employees that want to do business with you.

Summary:  Hiring is an ongoing process

To be successful at hiring the right people, you have to constantly produce great content around the people, process and culture at your company.  This gives someone from the outside what it takes and the effort your team goes to delivering a superior customer experience. Stay tuned to next week as we get in to more topics about growing your business!