Setting Yourself Up for the 2-Inch Putt

Today we’re going to talk about setting yourself up for the easy 2-inch putt.

You need to have a full game plan for your sales process so that no matter what comes your way, you will be prepared.

When the objections fly, your training will kick in.

The difference between an amateur and a professional is the training that comes in between.

With training comes awareness of body language and how to read and react in different scenarios. Most importantly, it brings visualization and with that comes belief in yourself.

If you can see it and you have the confidence to speak it, you can realize it.

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Podcast Timestamps

  • 0:00 – The Big Win
  • 4:56 – What Would Have Happened 3 Years Ago?
  • 7:20 – How You Get The Win
  • 9:48 – Why It’s A 2-Inch Put
  • 10:28 – This Sale Was Years In The Making
  • 13:14 – How The Upsell Happens
  • 16:44 – What Happened Before The Call
  • 18:06 – What Do Most Contractors Tell Themselves Before A Call
  • 21:19 – When Headtrash Hurts Your Sale
  • 23:00 – Recently Learned Mind Facts
  • 24:32 – How Much Can People Change In A Few Years
  • 27:36 – What Do You Tell Doubters?
  • 33:38 – Final Thoughts