The Proven Process To Get Serious Clients

You have to have a process and the courage to stick to your process in order to be successful.

The goal of a contractor is to collect the deposit check. That is the end game.

You have to have a brutally honest conversation with these people that you have never met before and it’s going to be hard. That is the only way to make sure that the client is 100% committed.

By the time you get to the door, the sale should be done. Going to the client’s house should just be a formality.

The Bridge, through Contractor Sales Academy, can give you that structure and the ability to sell confidently.

Most potential clients are going to view you as a used-car salesman and because of that, they will be very guarded. Due to that fact, they will lie to you so that they can have time to gather information.

Do not let this deviate you from your course.

The importance of sticking to your process cannot be stressed enough. When you deviate from that process, you lose every time.

Podcast Timestamps

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:50 – CSA: The Bridge Is Helping Contractors Already
  • 2:00 – Why This Topic?
  • 2:43 – How We Define Process
  • 3:03 – What Is A Contractor’s Ultimate Goal?
  • 3:24 – Steve’s Sales Process
  • 4:10 – What Does It Mean To Win 100% Of The Time?
  • 6:47 – Lies Customers Will Tell You
  • 10:58 – Always. Follow. The. Process.
  • 15:01 – Never Make Exceptions
  • 17:05 – Benefits Of Following A Process (like saving 1 month of time)
  • 18:12 – It’s Not That We Don’t Want To Come To Your Home…
  • 22:02 – Small Habits Can Make Big Changes
  • 23:27 – Customers Play Games
  • 25:27 – Wrap Up

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