Episode #1: The Number 1 Thing that is Killing Your Sales

You got a lead! Now you get all excited and go out to their house where you give your spiel. You’re painting this beautiful picture, trying to impress them with your expertise.

Afterward, they say something like “we’ll call you back.” Suddenly, you can’t get ahold of the prospect to save your life.

The number 1 thing that is killing your sales is that you talk too much. Don’t be the expert.

Shutting your mouth doesn’t mean you don’t talk. It means:

  • Asking good, open-ended, and appropriate questions
  • Sharing a little bit about your process
  • Being comfortable with silence until the prospect answers

People are not born great salespeople. You can be made into one by learning these skills.

Podcast Timestamps

  • 0:00 – Introductions
  • 1:45 – CSA Podcast & Goals
  • 2:13 – More Money, Less Problems
  • 3:02 – About The CSA Podcast
  • 4:30 – What Is Killing Your Sales
  • 5:15 – The #1 Thing That Sabotages Contractors
  • 7:15 – Talking Yourself Out Of A Sale
  • 12:30 – Roleplay
  • 21:15 – Roleplay Debrief
  • 26:45 – Why Talking Less Does More
  • 30:05 – Immediately Actionable Advice
  • 32:35 – Wrap Up

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