Learn How To Spend Less Time Closing More Deals, Get Higher-Paying Customers, And Kick Ass At Sales–In Just 12 Weeks! 
(Even If You Suck At Sales)
Why your approach to sales is KILLING your bottom line and wasting your time.


If you’re a contractor pro who’s spent any amount of time finding, selling and servicing clients, you probably already know how critical it is to land enough deals (and more importantly the right deals) to keep the wheels of your business turning, as well as take home more than a few bucks for yourself at the end of the day.

So I’ll cut to the chase.

Earning money and reinvesting in your business just plain feels good—not to mention the rush you feel every time you bag more cash after the covering the expenses.

But as soon as that latest check has hit the bank, that itch returns... The insatiable craving for that new tool, machine, truck wrap or extra team member on the payroll.

You’re damn proud to have earned that money and excited to put it to good use, but more often than not, you end up spending it way faster than you intended.

Bottom line: you need more scratch.

Right away, it’s back to pounding the phones, pitching to people who aren’t serious about hiring you, scraping for the next big job, taking on clients you don’t really want—just to keep the lights on.

Then it happens–the NEXT big sale. You might be tired as hell, but it doesn’t matter. You needed that next big check–and you know working your ass off was worth every penny.

But then, the cycle starts all over again. Before you know it, you’ve spent that cash too and you’re back at square one. 

Stop sucking the life out of your contracting business and your future...


Cash is the fuel that keeps your motor running. But when your biz runs out of gas, you’re screwed.

It’s time to learn a simple approach to sales that doesn’t KILL your bottom line and waste your time.
So you can close more of the right deals, cash more checks, scale your contracting biz and reach CEO status in months instead of years.

(Without begging for deals, visiting tire-kicking prospects who never close, or running yourself ragged on low-pay, high-stress jobs that never end.)
Imagine if you had complete and total command of your entire sales process…

Every time you talked to a potential client, you knew exactly what to say–and they were able to explain precisely what they wanted.

Where you could get paid for your time to give a consultation or at-home estimate.

And every single pitch–was ALWAYS worth the effort.

With no confusion or misunderstanding about the cost–and YES or NO were the upfront only answers you got.

Leading to a more consistent stream of Next Big Checks.

And what if you could learn how to guarantee all of that–before you even met with a new client?

3 Reasons Why Most Contracting Businesses Fail (Or Underperform)


Your mindset sucks.
​You make their [i.e. your team, your clients, etc.] crap your crap.


You don't have a game-plan to follow.
​​You pull it out of you ass each time you line up a sales call. 


You’re wasting massive amounts of time
standing in front of the wrong prospects.

What you don’t know yet (and how it can explode your business growth)


Charge more. Raise your rates simply by being in a position of authority and power. Choose your projects wisely. Never again end up resenting a client because you cut a deal and then predictably blew through the budget.

Don’t waste time with tire-kicking prospects. People price shop. And that’s a big problem if you’re selling the wrong way, because you’ll spend your precious time doing bids for people who have ZERO intention of hiring you.

Not every deal is the RIGHT deal. If you’re a high-value contractor who does a damn good job, you don’t need most of the deals that have probably come your way. In fact, my guess is they’re holding you back from the best customers who actually don’t mind spending money on an excellent job. But you gotta know how to pick ‘em!

But what if we could fix your revenue and sales problems–FAST!


The Contractor Sales
​​​​​​​Academy Mastermind

Learn How To Spend Less Time Closing More Deals, With Higher-Paying Customers–In Just 12 Weeks!

(Even If You Suck At Sales)


If you’re going to be a part of somebody’s plan, you might as well make it your own.

Just because you’re rocking job after job doesn’t mean you’re rocking your profits, too.

The Contractor Sales Academy Mastermind teaches the tools and techniques contractors need in order to succeed in sales. Whether that means taking home some consultation fees or walking away from unprofitable jobs, you’ll learn how to turn your sales process into a machine of efficient income.

Backed with an Army of support from a devoted contractor community, you’ll master our unique Shin-Fu Process–the art of getting out of your own way and selling more.

CSA Is A Game-Changer For Your Business

There isn’t another program like it on the planet that gives you sales support, 1-on-1 mentorship from million-dollar business owners, & marine-like squad training for your contracting business.

We'll teach you how to...

Get Back Your Time  
Take back your family time. Master efficiency using the Shin-Fu Process. Never miss another game or dance recital.

Stop Chasing The Wrong Clients
Nothing’s worse than spending hours, days, weeks or months on a lead only to find out they don’t have any money. Learn how to stop doing that!

Know Who Is A Good Fit (And Who Is NOT)
Don’t know which clients to chase? Imagine if your phone rang with a ‘green’ light when you should answer and a ‘red’ light when you shouldn’t! Our process is the next best thing!

Instantly Sell At Higher Prices
Don’t think it’s possible? Think again! Our members are selling at two or three times their old pricing models–for the same projects.

Double Your Closing Rate
​Our members are selling at rates far exceeding the average contractor–all from the comfort of their office or truck. 

Take Back Control
​You’ve spent years serving your clients, your employees, your supplies and subs. It’s time to take full command of your life!

Here's how you'll learn...

 Role playing
 Live workshops
 Pitch Critiques
 Adaptable Sales Formats
 Private Facebook Group acts as your ultimate accountability group


CSA Isn’t Your Average Training Program…

It’s More Of A Kick Your Contracting Business In The Ass, Explode Your Revenue Program

Our students have applied our principles and worked to …

cut their estimating time by 455%
increase personal income by $100k
double the NET profits in their business
pay off 1000’s of dollars in debt

What If You Knew The Exact Right Steps You Needed To Increase Your Bottom Line, Scale Your Business and Create More Personal Income?

This isn’t some six-week DIY program. We’re going to be mentoring and masterminding with YOU personally for 1 full year!

This isn’t a one-way conversation. You have access to US. We go deep. We hold you accountable. Our CSA students say we’re like family.

We aren’t going to charge you for your team. In fact, you get up to 3 people from your company who can participate and learn. 

YOUR NO B.S. EXPERTS WHO HAVE BEEN THERE, DONE THAT–And Created Multi-Millions in Revenue

Tom Reber

 Former Marine and Creator of MOTORhard.com

Tom is a Marine veteran, and the man who leads the MOTORhood at MOTORhard.com. He's also the host of the STRONGpreneur Podcast and the former owner of a successful residential painting company outside Chicago, creating millions in revenue. He’s now in charge of kicking contractors in the ass for bigger and greater success.

Steve Shinholser
Premier Ponds

Steve is the owner of Premier Ponds and a leader in the Aquascape Community. He grew and sold the largest commercial pool management company in the country before starting Premier Ponds in 2001. He has since built over 500 water features and created his second multi-million dollar business. In 2014 and 2016, Premier Ponds was awarded the #1 Certified Aquascape Contractor in the Nation. In December of 2015, Steve sold 60% of Premier Ponds to his two top men. He now spends most of his time speaking and teaching other contractors how to reach that same level of success.

Derek Johnson​​​​​​​
JVI Secret Gardens

When You Join The CSA You Get...

Guidance From Real Experts Who Have Been There, Done That

Tom, Steve and Derek have over 50 years of combined experience in sales–creating millions of dollars in revenue. They've both been where you are – selling contracting services to homeowners. Their no BS style will have you making money fast!

A Private Community Who Will Push You Like None Other

Not only will Tom, Steve and Derek push you, but so will ALL the other CSA members. We're here to support each other and help each other get stronger. You can't coast in this group.
Note: Tom, Steve and Derek have been known to give out their personal cell numbers. They are here to help you move forward–so you’ll be getting access to them in the group each and every day.

Weekly High-Value Training

The CSA is about more than just sales. Our members get access to real experts and industry heavy hitters in all areas of running a contracting business...marketing, accounting, operations, leadership. If you don’t know how or what to do–we’ve got a guy for that.

PLUS: Access To ALL Of Our Previous CSA Trainings (A $5000 Value!)

But that’s NOT all! We're also throwing in ALL of our 50+ trainings so you are fully equipped and ready to roll!

Faster, Bigger Results

You've been going it alone for years. How's that working out for you? This group FORCES you to make huge strides in your business and life every single day! 



There’s nothing more important to us than our word. We’ve have packed CSA with the most straightforward, easy to implement information ever for contractors and absolutely zero B.S.

We KNOW this system works, because we’ve built our own successful businesses with it, as well as seen countless CSA students do the same. But, hey… We get it. You might still be skeptical and/or undecided and we want to remove any obstacle that stands in the way of you taking this powerful step to explode your contracting biz profits.

That’s why when you join the CSA, there is a 100% money back promise. You’re going to know within the first 30 days if this is for you. And if you don’t see the value in it at that point, just give us a call and we’ll give you your money back. 

Receive All These Benefits
With Your Membership
Access to the ShinFu Sales Training Program
Access to the private Facebook Group
Three live monthly trainings to choose from
A group that will hold you accountable to reach your goals!!
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