Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  Do you know how many times they just want to hit an “easy” button to get the help they need for the product or service they purchased.  Here are three steps you can take that will  give you a leg up over your competitors when it comes to getting the

1. Create Online Content

You can tell a lot about a company from the first touch-points; when the phone is picked up, going to the reception desk if you have an office, or going to your website.

In the beginning stages, your customers will most likely be searching online to a problem they have or answers to their problem.  You want to be front and center and have content available that gets your customers what they need.

Quick Tip:  Write blogs on your website and have a section on how-to videos.  For example if you are flooring company, you may want to write a blog on how much flooring costs and a produce a video on how to install the flooring yourself.  Taking these steps will help you rank higher on google search results that will give you leg up over the competition.

2. Make it easy for your customers to get help online

Let’s continue with the hardwood floor example.  Your customer now has an idea of how much hardwood flooring costs and wants an estimate.

Or they have already decided they want to hire you and they want to get on your schedule right away.  Because you are already engaged through having content available online, this puts you front and center with your customers.

Quick tip:  Have a section on your website to upload photos and enter measurements or other details about the project for your customer.  Another effective tool is chatbots, where customers can chat with a customer service agent right away to get questions answered.  

3. Be responsive to your customer’s needs

The quickest way to lost customers is to not be there when they need you the most.  You have to make an effort to show their time is valuable.  It’s not just about selling a product or service, but generating a vibe that your customer feels great about the level of responsiveness they received during the process end to end.

Quick Tip:  At Premier Ponds, the team has a rule that you must follow-up with a lead within 24 hours.  Appoint a single point of contact that follows up with a lead quickly to ensure you are engaged with the customer right away.  

Summary: Call to Action

Making it easy for your customers to do business with you is the best thing you can do for your business.  Take a step back and try to go through your company’s processes around customer engagement from initial consultation to final walk-through.  By taking a few steps outlined above you are setting the stage to happy customers down the line.