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Dan Stanza Headshot

My sales went from a 25% closing ratio to over 90%! The CSA has made a huge impact in getting back valued time and allowing me to have a work, life balance.

Dan Stanza, Good Earth Water Gardens

Ralph & Alison Biezad

CSA has completely changed the way we run our business. We no longer run after every lead that calls in. Tom, Steve, and Derek have taught us how to qualify customers.

Alison Biezad, Pondscapes Of Arizona

Greg Dempsey

I’m happy to be taking my kids to t-ball and soccer tonight instead of being at a meeting.

Greg Dempsey, Stonehill Builders


Here’s the hard-to-swallow truth about sales:

There are way too many contractors that think that just because they provide a great product and are personable that they’re a good salesman.

They say “well I just have to go out to their home to convince them how great it will be to hire me for the job.”

If only they knew what the customer was really thinking…

If you’re serious about being in the driver seat when it comes to selling to clients, you need to have a proven process. Otherwise, you’re just going to be 1 of the 3 contractors they invite out to their home.

Trust us, we all used to do it the way you’re doing it now. In fact, when Steve Shinholser first tried this new sales practice out, he raised his at-home close % from 24% to 94% in the first year.

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The Best Part Is It’s Only 5 Steps

This process, called the Shin-Fu, is not easy. It’s not a silver bullet and you won’t become a sales assassin overnight.

If you’re ready to put yourself out there and learn a sales method that works in EVERY contracting industry, click the button below.

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